ARI Division

Shri Vipul Goel, Joint Secretary (ARI)

Coir Section

JDC  :  Shri Bharat Prakash

Under Secretary      :  Shri Ajay Kumar

Section Officer       :  Smt. Ranju Sikdar

Work allocated to the Section
  • Parliament Questions/Assurances/ Special Mention
  • All Establishment Matters of Coir Board (i.e. Reconstitution of Coir Board, Appointments, promotions, upgradation and creation of Post, Framing/amendment of Rules & Regulations, Service Bye-Laws etc.)
  • Court Cases
  • Laying of Annual Report and Audit Report of Coir Board and other papers in the Parliament
  • Participation in International fairs of Coir Board
  • Agenda/Minutes of the Board meetings of Coir Board
  • Release the funds to the Coir Board,
  • Preparation of BE -RE, Annual Plan, Performance Budget, Outcome Budget
  • Implementation of Coir Board Schemes
  • All references received from Coir Board relating to Plan Schemes and other Admn./Establishment Matters
  • Formulation/approval of Plan Schemes-including preparation of Notes for SFC/EFC/CCEA
  • Issues relating to Coir Export Incentives
  • CAG/Audit Paras
  • VIP/PMO references
  • Miscellaneous matter

KVI (I) Section

Director :  Shri Supriyo Ghosh

Under Secretary   :  Shri Pradeep Kumar Singh

Section Officer      :  Ms. Megha Jain

Work allocated to the Section
  • Work related to all the Schemes of KVIC like MPDA (MDA), ISEC, workshed for Khadi Artisans, Strengthening of infrastructure, Khadi Reforms & Development Programme (KRDP), ASPIRE, SFURTI, JBY, MGIRI, Evaluation of these schemes, convening of EFC/SFC meetings for these schemes, preparation/circulation of their Minutes, follow-up action on minutes, core Group Meetings and meetings related to the subject matter including examination of agenda note and ATN on the minutes.
  • Preparing comments on EFC/SFC/Cabinet Notes received from other Ministries/Departments
  • Seeking approval for proposals for participation/deputation of KVIC in international exhibitions.
  • Follow-up on points related to the Division in e-Sameeksha matters.
  • Monitoring of Public Grievances related to CPGRAM, PRAGATI, PMO/MP/VIP references.
  • Preparation of replies to RTI Applications etc.

KVI (II) Section

Director :  Shri Arun Kumar

Under Secretary   :  Shri Raja Swami

Section Officer      :  Ms. Jyoti Kumari

Work allocated to the Section
  • Establishment matters of KVIC such as up-gradation/expunging of remarks in APAR/ACR of officers of KVIC, up-gradation of pay scales; inclusion of KVIC employees under CGHS; Pension, compassionate appointments, merger of trading cadre, MACP of KVIC employees, appointment of Commissioner of KVI etc.
  • Amendment to KVI Act
  • All Court cases related to MGIRI, KVIC, such as upgradation of pay scale, National Pension System (NPS), Pension, loans,
  • Constitution of Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC)
  • Consideration of proposals for disposal/eviction of land of KVIC
  • Constitution of National KVI Board
  • Constitution of Standing Finance Committee of KVIC
  • Constitution of General Council (GC) & Executive Council (EC) of MGIRI
  • PMO/MP/VIP references
  • Complaint against KVIC employees, preparation of replies to RTI Applications
  • Implementation of official language policy etc. of KVIC & MGIRI
  • Reports and Returns on OL
  • RTI in respect of Division etc.

KVI (III) Section

Director :  Shri Arun Kumar

Under Secretary   :  Shri Raja Swami

Section Officer     :  Vacant

Work allocated to the Section
  • Preparation of Budget, Annual Plan of KVIC, MGIRI, Coir Board
  • Release of funds to KVIC under various schemes except PMEGP like MPDA (MDA), ISEC, Workshed for Khadi Artisans, Strengthening of infrastructure, Khadi Reform & Development Programme (KRDP), SFURTI, JBY etc,
  • Release of funds under ASPIRE
  • Accounts & Audit, preparation of replies to and monitoring of audit paras & meetings relating to subject matter
  • Release of funds to MGIRI
  • All Parliamentary matters including Questions, Assurances, notices etc. relating to KVIC, MGIRI
  • Seeking information for preparation of replies to questions of DRPSCI
  • Laying of report of DRPSCI
  • Annual Report of KVIC, MGIRI in Parliament
  • Preparation of Five Year Plan of KVIC, MGIRI & Coir Board
  • Material for Annual Report of the Ministry from KVIC, Coir Board, MGIRI
  • Preparation of Outcome Budget of ARI Division
  • Material for NSDA, Skill Development Reports
  • Preparation of replies to RTI Applications etc.
  • PMO/MP/VIP references.
  • Collection of and onward transmission of information on monthly DO to Cabinet Sectt., PMO from KVIC, MGIRI and Coir Board etc.

PMEGP Section

Director  :  Shri Supriyo Ghosh

Under Secretary    :  Shri Anil Kumar

Work allocated to the Section
  • Correspondence with States & KVIC regarding issues relating to Targets, Policy, Progress/Achievement under PMEGP
  • Funds released under PMEGP
  • Policy matters relating to PMEGP Scheme
  • Monitoring of PMEGP Scheme
  • Parliament Questions on PMEGP
  • Parliamentary Committee Meeting, Review meetings on PMEGP at various levels
  • RTI Matters relating to PMEGP and PMRY
  • Recording and reviewing of files.