Internal Finance Wing

Ms. Sameera Saurabh

Director  :  Sh. Vivek Ashish

Under Secretary  :  Sh. B.L. Meena

Section Officer  :  Vacant

Work allocated to the Section
  • Tendering financial advice on all matters involving government expenditure/concurrence to financial proposals
  • Scrutiny of and concurrence to foreign deputation proposals of officers of Ministry of MSME including obtaining the approval of Screening Committee of Secretaries through Department of Expenditure
  • Monitoring and reviewing the progress of expenditure against sanctioned grant on a monthly and quarterly basis,
  • Ensuring compliance of instructions issued by the Department of Expenditure on economy/rationalisation of expenditure.
  • Monitoring of the progress of the various schemes
  • Evaluation of SFC/EFC/Cabinet note etc. & rendering advice thereon.
  • To watch and vetting of replies on audit/PAC paras and other committees.
  • To screen all expenditure proposals requiring to be referred to DOE etc