SME Division

Smt. Alka Arora, Joint Secretary (SME)

HR Section

Director                :   ------------

Under Secretary :  Shri Bhaskar Kalra

Section Officer    :  Smt. Uma Maheswari

Work allocated to the Section
  • All cadre control functions of IEDS
  • Reimbursement of Medical Claim.
  • Permission for Medical Tests/Treatment.
  • Appointment of AMA.
  • Residuary Work of ADR Plan.
  • Creation of posts.
  • Appointments and other administrative work of National level Head of the Institutions i.e. NIMSME, Hyderabad, Coir Board, Kochi and KVIC, Mumbai
  • All work relating to Tender/appointment/payment of Computer Operators on contract basis.
  • Promotion/Transfer Posting of Grade ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ Services
  • Cadre clearance and forwarding of applications.
  • Pay fixation/Stepping up of Pay of Group ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ services.
  • Pension related all matters in respect of Group ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ Services.
  • Leave Encashment.
  • Seniority List of SO, PA & PS, Assistant, UDC, LDC, MTS.
  • Taken on rolls matter.
  • Notification.
  • Reporting of vacancies of SO, PA & PS, Assistant, UDC, LDC, MTS to DoP&T.
  • Training Programme (ISTM in service training).
  • No Objection Certification.
  • All works relating to cadre controlling authority in respect of CSS/CSSS/CSCS staff of the Ministry, including Office of the DC (MSME).
  • RTI.
  • Annual Increment.
  • MACP.
  • ACC Vacancy Monitoring System (AVMS) matters.
  • Appointment and Pay fixation of Minister’s Staff.
  • E-Service Book Management.
  • Forwarding of names of officers for occasional passes.
  • Maintaining of Roster of persons with disabilities/Post based Roster.
  • Leave Records.
  • Hindi Quarterly Reports.
  • Maintaining Service Books.
  • Reply to all Misc. Hindi Receipts.
  • Reports regarding Prime Minister 15 Point Programme, Representation of SCs/ST/OBC.
  • Monitoring of reservation of PWDs/ESMs/ST, SC & OBC.
  • Bhavishya (on-line pension tracking system).
  • Review under FR 56(J).
  • E-leave, PFMS.
  • E-office

I.C. Section

Director               :  ------------

Section Officer  :  ----------------

Work allocated to the Section
  • All matters of bilateral relations with other countries including signing/implementation/follow-up of Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs)/ Agreements/ Joint Action Plans etc. in MSME Sector at Ministry-to-Ministry level.
  • All matters of bilateral relations between NSIC and counterpart organisations including signing/implementation/ follow-up of Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs)/ Agreements/Joint Action Plans, etc. in MSME sector.
  • Matters of Inter-Ministerial meetings of bilateral cooperation in MSME sector.
  • Matters of processing foreign deputations proposals of officers of MSME Division under bilateral cooperation.
  • Maintaining data relating to foreign visits undertaken by the Officers of the Ministry including Office of DC, MSME.
  • All matters of administering International Cooperation Scheme for grant of financial assistance to MSME organisations/associations/registered societies/trusts associated with the MSME for technology infusion, upgradation, modernisation and promotion of exports of Indian MSMEs.
  • Parliamentary Matters related to IC.
  • RTI matters related to IC.
  • Furnishing of Returns – RTI and Hindi related to IC.
  • Furnishing of information/material for Annual Report/ Result Framework Document/ Financial management/ Monthly summary for the Cabinet, etc. related to IC.

SME Section

Director                :   Ms Mercy Epao

Deputy Director :   Shri Karanjit Singh

Section Officer   :   Shri Sourabh Kumar

Work allocated to the Section
  • To deal with administrative control of NSIC which includes appointments of Board level posts.
  • PMO, VIP reference and all complaints/representations pertaining to two schemes, i.e., Performance & Credit Rating (PCR) Scheme and Marketing Assistance Scheme (MAS) implemented by NSIC.
  • All complaints (like vigilance issues involved) related to internal matter of NSIC will be dealt by Vigilance Section as per direction of JS(SME).
  • Two major schemes of the Ministry viz; Performance & Credit Rating Scheme and Marketing Assistance Scheme are monitored by this Section.
  • Release of financial grants to NSIC including evaluation of Schemes.
  • Parliament Questions pertaining to NSIC and SME Division.
  • RTI applications, Court cases, Audit Paras pertaining to NSIC.
  • Preparation/coordination of Annual Plan proposals, Budget /Revised Estimates, Outcome Budget of SME Division.
  • Preparation/coordination of material of Department related Parliamentary Standing Committee material of SME Division.
  • Preparation/coordination of material for Parliament Question received from other Ministries/Department of SME Division.
  • Preparation/coordination related to Unspent Balances, Financial Management Report of SME Division.
  • Logo support, invitation, participation of Organisations/Industry.
  • Work related to Make in India.
  • Work related to Udyog Aadhaar.
  • Work related to Start-UP (re-constitution of review committee for the Public Procurement Policy).
  • Dalit Chambers of Commerce.

Coordination Section

Director                  :  Ms Mercy Epao

Under Secretary  :  Shri Bhaskar Kalra

Section Officer     :  Vacant

Work allocated to the Section
  • General Coordination of the Ministry where subject matter does not pertains to any other Section.
  • Coordination of VIP References/PMO references;
  • ISO Certification;
  • Coordination of pendency report of VIP, Parliament Assurance/Question/Cabinet Note etc. of SME Division.
  • Material for President Speech/Finance Minister’s Budget Speech.
  • Coordination of work related to Regional Conclave Meeting with the Chief Ministers of States/Industry Ministers, Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and Hon’ble Minister of MSME.
  • Matters pertaining to welfare of backward classes, SC/STs, Minorities & Women, Child Development etc. (non-administrative);
  • Coordination of the Parliamentary matters with the office of the DC (MSME);
  • Coordination of Audit Reports/C&AG Paras;
  • Policy matters relating to e-governance and related matters of the Ministry and the organizations;
  • Citizen Charter;
  • Monitoring of the National Common Minimum Programme/ Twenty point programme;
  • Coordination of the Court Cases of the Organisations;
  • Examination of Cabinet Note received from various Ministries/ Departments which are not specific to the other Divisions;

Vigilance Section

Director                 :  Ms Mercy Epao

Under Secretary  :  Shri Surender Kumar

Section Officer     :  Vacant

Work allocated to the Section
  • All vigilance work of IEDS cadre.
  • Circulation of Blank APAR/ACR Forms to officers in the Ministry.
  • Maintenance of APARs/CR Dossiers of the officers.
  • Getting the APARs reported/ reviewed/accepted by the concerned officer and getting it completed in all respect.
  • Providing copies of completed APARs to officers concerned in terms of DoPT’s instructions and communicating ‘adverse entry’, if any.
  • Forwarding of completed APARs of US and above level officers of CSS to DoPT and APARs of the IAS, IES, IES and other services to their respective Cadres for record.
  • Issue of Certificates for ‘Vigilance Clearance’, ‘No Report’, ‘No Review’, ‘Major/Minor Penalty’ & ‘Integrity’.
  • Dealing with appeals and vigilance complaints pertaining to the organisations under the Ministry.
  • Maintenance of Property Folders of officers of the Ministry and taking on record the intimation of Movable and Immovable Property given by the Officers and seeking approval of the competent authority.
  • Cases of Disciplinary proceedings, related Court Cases, CBI/CVC cases etc.
  • Submission of various reports to DoPT & CVC.
  • Appointment of part-time CVOs in the Ministry, NSIC, Coir Board and NIMSME.
  • Communication with CVC and seeking its advice in the Disciplinary cases.
  • Circulation of various OM relating to vigilance issued by DoPT, MoF and CVC.
  • RTI matters, PMO & VIP references etc related to Vigilance Section.
  • Generation and maintenance of PARs of IAS officers of the Ministry in the on-line system called SPARROW hosted by DoPT.
  • Maintenance of Web Base Cadre Management System of CSS hosted by DoPT and updation of APARs of CSS officers of US and above level, Vigilance Status, Annual Immovable Property Returns and Lokpal Returns in the system.

Cash Section

Director             :  Shri Rajiv Malik

Under Secretary :  Shri Thomas Maring

Work allocated to the Section
  • Monthly Pay bills in r/o Officers and Staff of Ministry.
  • Salary arrears bills
  • Medical Reimbursement bills.
  • Tuition fee reimbursement bills.
  • Overtime allowance Bills.
  • Conveyance allowance bills.
  • Contingency bills.
  • Leave Travel Concession Bills.
  • Domestic / Foreign Travelling Allowance Bills.
  • General Provident fund advance/withdrawal bills.
  • Depositing of Postal Orders received under R.T.I. Act.
  • Income Tax calculations & submission of quarterly T.D.S. returns.
  • Short term/long term advances i.e. Festival advance/ Computer advance/ Motor Car advance/Scooter advance /House building advance.
  • Reconciliation of monthly Expenditure, booked under non plan head, with Pay & Accounts Office.
  • Submission of monthly License fee schedule to Estate office.
  • Maintenance of Pay bills registers and other Expenditure control registers.
  • Maintenance of General Provident fund ledgers.
  • Submission of various periodical returns.

Hindi Section

Joint Director           :  ------------

Assistant Director  :  Shri Harish Rawat

Work allocated to the Section
  • Implementation of Official Language Policy of the Union.
  • Translation from English to Hindi of Parliament Questions, Annual Report, Notifications, Outcome Budget and Detailed Demands for Grants of the Ministry.
  • Matters relating to Hindi Salahakar Samiti of the Ministry.
  • Matters relating to Parliamentary Committee on Official Language of the Ministry.
  • Preparation of Speech for Secretary/Hon’ble Minister.
  • Organisation of Hindi Month and various competitions.
  • Inspection of Sections of the Ministry and the organisations functioning under the Administrative control of the Ministry regarding implementation of Official Language Policy of the Union.

EDI Section

Deputy Secretary :  Shri Rajiv Malik

Under Secretary   :  Shri Bhaskar Kalra

Section Officer      :  Vacant

Work allocated to the Section
  • All administrative matters pertaining to Ni-MSME, Hyderabad and residuary matters, if any, pertaining to NIESBUD and IIE.
  • All matters relating to implementation of plan Scheme “Assistance to Training Institutions” (ATI)
  • All matters relating to implementation of plan Scheme of Surveys, Studies and Policy Research (SS&PR).
  • Matters pertaining to Union Territories in relation to industry.
  • Laying of Annual Reports of Ni-MSME, ANIIDCO, OIDC etc. on the Table of both the Houses of Parliament.
  • Material for Annual Report of Ministry of MSME pertaining to above Schemes.
  • VIP Reference/Parliament Question relating to above schemes/organisations.
  • Budgetary Matters/Annual Plan Proposals for ATI Scheme and SS&PR Scheme.
  • All matters pertaining to Parliamentary Standing Committee to the above schemes/organisations.
  • Court cases relating to the above subject.
  • Audit Para/ATN relating to the above subject.

G.A. Section

Deputy Secretary :  Shri Rajiv Malik

Under Secretary   :  Shri S. C Kashyap

Section Officer     :  Vacant

Work allocated to the Section
  • Procurement of office equipments including computers and other IT related items, stationery, furniture etc., and their distribution/issue.
  • Maintenance of office equipment through AMC (Computer, Printers/ FAX/ Laptop/ air-conditioners/photocopy machines/rubber stamps/ink stamps/UPS and inverters/ repair of furniture items/Electrical items etc.
  • Rate Contract of flowers/dry-cleaning of Sofa, Chair etc.
  • Maintenance of cleanliness in office premises including Annual Contract for hiring of contract labour/safai karamchari.
  • Provisioning of telephone including payment of office/residential telephone bills.
  • Issue of Identity Card (Permanent/Temporary).
  • CPWD matters of repairs and maintenance and office accommodation etc.
  • Issue of Authority Slip/rent bill of Govt. Accommodation.
  • Printing of Stationery, Outcome Budget etc.
  • RTI applications on the matters allocated to GA Section.
  • Budget related matters allocated to GA Section.

Protocol Section

Deputy Secretary  :  Smt Maya Pandey

Under Secretary    :  Shri S. C Kashyap

Work allocated to the Section
  • Hiring of Transport.
  • Staff Cars and maintenance of staff cars.
  • Arrangement of meetings, refreshments etc.
  • All protocol matters related to Ministry of MSME.

RTI & PG Cell

Director                 :  Ms Mercy Epao

Under Secretary  :  Shri Pradeep Kumar

Work allocated to the Section
  • RTI matters concerning the Ministry
  • Public Grievances of the Ministry and the coordination of the grievances of SSI sector and the organizations;
  • E-samiksha; E-pragati; Monthly D.O. letter from Secretary to the Cabinet Secretary/PMO on the important events of the Ministry/Organisations;
  • Monthly Summary of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises for circulation among Council of Ministers & Members of Planning Commission etc.

Media Cell

Director                 :  ----------------

Under Secretary  :  Shri Bhaskar Kalra

Work allocated to the Section
  • Administer Information, Education and Communication Scheme implemented by the Ministry
  • Campaigns in electronic media, print media, social media, outdoor publicity and other related activities
  • Organizing press meet/conference with mainstream active journalists.
  • Organise events/conferences/discussions to create awareness about schemes implemented by the Ministry and its attached organisations etc.