Eligibility Criteria for MA Scheme

Participation in Domestic and International Exhibitions
In order to apply for Participation in Domestic and International Exhibitions, the applicant must fulfil the following criteria/conditions:

A.The enterprise should be registered in India as a micro, small or medium enterprise and should have a valid registration certificate (Entrepreneur’s Memorandum Part-II )

C.The financial assistance will be for specific needs of each case for construction of building, purchase of training aids/equipments, office equipments, computers and for providing other support services e.g. libraries/data bases etc. The costs of land, construction of staff quarters etc. would not qualify for calculation of matching grant from the Central Government.

Co-sponsoring of Exhibitions organized by other organisations/ industry associations/agencies:
In order to apply for co-sponsoring of an event by NSIC, the applicant organisation/agency must fulfil the following criteria/conditions:

A.The applicant organization / industry association / institution should be engaged in the development of MSMEs for at least three years and should be able to demonstrate sufficient experience and capability for holding such events.

B.The event to be organized should have at least 5000 sq ft covered area exclusively for stalls/shops and must have participation from at least 50 MSME units. The organizer shall be required to submit a blueprint / layout of the proposed exhibition along with his application.

C.The organizer would provide a stall of at least 100 sq. ft. to NSIC, to disseminate information about the promotional and other schemes of the Ministry and its organisations.