Human Resources Section

S.No. Title Download
1 Recruitment rules for Economic Invetigator Gr. II. Download (1.51 MB) pdf
2 Recruitment rules for Research Officer. Download (2.97 MB) pdf
3 Staff position of Ministry of MSME as on 01.01.2014. Download (70.57 KB) pdf
4 List of Government servants who are due to retire till December, 2014. Download (8.37 KB) pdf
5 Writ Petition (Civil).
6 Office order dated 25.07.2013 reg. link officer arrangement of Directors/Dy. Secretaries. Download (32.23 KB) pdf
7 Notification dated 1st January 2014 in respect of Smt. Usha Khanna, P.S. Download (26.93 KB) pdf