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Related Scheme Quality Management Standards & Quality Technology Tools (QMS/QTT) Scheme
Nature of assistance
Who can apply? All MSEs with EM registration.
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Background and Salient Features
The scheme is aimed at improving the quality of the products in the MSE sector and inculcates the quality consciousness in this sector. With the adoption of this scheme, MSEs will become more competitive and produce better quality products at competitive prices. The adoption of these tools will enable MSEs to achieve efficient use of resources, improvement in product quality, reduction in rejection and rework in the course of manufacturing, reduction in building up inventory at various stages etc.

The Cluster-based approach is adopted for economy of scale, better dissemination of QMS/QTT and for best results. However, individual units (preferably from specific products in groups) may also be considered under the Scheme. Micro & Small enterprises is being selected from the clusters under study or intervention by this Ministry and clusters identified by other Organization and Ministries also.

The scheme insists of multifold activities out of which following major activities are being implemented through various expert agencies/organization, viz.

• One day Awareness Campaign,
• 2 days duration workshop at Metros,
• One National Level workshop at Delhi,
• Implementation of QMS/QTT in selected MSEs Cluster,
• Monitoring International Study Mission,
• ITI/Polytechnic teacher training,
• Course module in polytechnic syllabus, etc.

The objective of the scheme is to sensitize and encourage MSEs to adopt latest QMS and QTT and to keep a watch on sectoral developments by undertaking the stated activities.

The scheme is being implemented for Micro & Small Enterprises to understand and adopt the latest Quality Management Standards (QMS) and Quality Technology Tools (QTTs), so as to become more competitive and produce better quality products at competitive prices. The adoption of these tools will enable MSEs to achieve: (i) Efficient use of resources. (ii) Improvement in product quality. (iii) Reduction in rejection and re-work in the course of manufacturing. (iv) Reduction in building up inventory at the various stages in the form of raw materials, work-in-progress, finished components, finished products, etc. This will also enable the MSEs to enter into or strengthen their position in the export market. The Competition Watch(C-watch) sub-component of this scheme will enable Indian MSE, to understand the latest foreign products that are penetrating in the Indian market.

By implementing QMS like ISO 9000/18000/22000 and QTT like: 6 - Sigma, TQM, TPM etc. in certain sectors or group of industries in the MSEs, the performance of the industries, improvement in Quality and reduction of rejections and customer’s complaints, etc. have resulted improving the performance of the MSEs. MSEs are to adopt the best manufacturing practices to enable them to be competitive in the current scenario of global competition. The Implementation strategies are as below:
• The Scheme will be implemented through office of the Development Commissioner (MSME) by involving expert organizations or by using in –house expertise wherever available.
• The Expert Institutions/Organization like Quality Council of India and National Recruitment Board for Personnel and Training, Consultancy Development Corporation, National Productivity Council. Standardization Testing & Quality Certification (STQC, a Society under Ministry of IT) , IIQM(India Institute of Quality Management), Industry Associations that have taken active interest in QMS/QTT and Technical Institutions, Engineering Colleges, Tool rooms and similar bodies. etc. may be engaged in the implementation of the Scheme.

Procedure for attending the activities and availing of financial assistance under the scheme:
(i) The MSEs are to submit applications directly to the respective MSME-DIs/Expert Organisations for various activities for which they are asked to submit.
(ii) The funds will be released to the expert organizations activity wise in the phased manner for the specific activity.
(iii) Contribution of 25% from Micro units and 50% from Small units will be collected by the implementing agencies wherever applicable.
(iv) The implementing agency will submit the fund utilization certificate along with the detailed report about the component.

Physical & Financial Performance
The Scheme has been initiated in the year 2009-10. The Details of Activities and Expenditure made under the scheme since inception is given below:

Year Fund Allocated (Rs. In crore) Expenditure (Rs. In crore) Targets Achievement
2009-10 7.40 1.31 Scheme is demand driven i) 70 one day Awareness Campaign
ii) No. of Beneficiaries - 2850 MSEs
iii) 21 ITI teachers training conducted & 499 trained.
2010-11 5.00 2.04 iv) 105 one day Awareness Campaign
v) No. of Beneficiaries - 3205 MSEs
vi) 40 ITI teachers training conducted & 880 trained.
2011-12 8.00 1.357 i) 119 one day Awareness Campaign
ii) No. of Beneficiaries – 3849 MSEs
iii) 18 ITI teachers training conducted & 366 trained.
2012-13 10.00 1.105 i) 100 one day Awareness Campaign
ii) No. of Beneficiaries – 3750 MSEs
iii) 04 ITI teachers training conducted & 55 trained.
iv) Implemented QMS/QTT in 10 selected MSE clusters in 100 MSEs through open bid and 10 DSR completed by QCI, New Delhi.
v) Course modules in polytechnics syllabus finalized.
vi) International Study Mission conducted by CDC
2013-14 10.00 0.77 i) 91 one day Awareness Campaign
ii) No. of Beneficiaries – 3102 MSEs
iii) Implementation in 10 selected MSE clusters in 100 units through open bid and 07 cluster DSR completed in 70 MSEs by M/S Margdarshan, Gurgaon. 03 cluster DSR under process.
iv) International Study Mission conducted by CII
2014-15 10.00(BE) 1.50(RE) 1.43 i) 102 one day Awareness Campaign
ii) No. of Beneficiaries – 3180 MSEs
iii) 04 no. of 2 days workshop at metros conducted by MSME-DI, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata. – 200 MSEs attended.
iv) 01 No. of one day National Level workshop at Delhi conducted by MSME- DI, New Delhi. – 100 MSEs attended.
2015-16 06.00 (BE) Rs. 5.92 (Re-appropriation) 2.13 i) 87 one day Awareness Campaign
ii) No. of Beneficiaries – 5012 MSEs
iii) 1 No. of National Level Workshop at Delhi conducted by MSME-DI, New Delhi – 120 MSEs attended.
iv) 4 Nos. of 2 days workshop at metros conducted by MSME-DIs, Ahemedabad, Hyderabad, Ludhiana & Ranchi – 329 MSEs attended.
v) Sanction/Released Rs. 142.30 lakh (2nd & Final Installment) of QMS/QTT scheme ACs & other activities conducted by CII, Avantha, Chandigarh FISME, New Delhi, QCI, ,New.Delhi, NIESBUB & CTTC, Bhubaneswar during 2015-16.
2016-17 2.92 (BE) 0.194 i) 30 one day Awareness Campaign
ii) No. of Beneficiaries – 2058 MSEs

Flow of Scheme

Last updated date : 23/09/2016