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1) Women Entreprenurship (TREAD)

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Related Scheme Guidelines on Trade Related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development (TREAD) Scheme for Women for 12th Plan
Description Guidelines on Trade Related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development (TREAD) Scheme for Women for 12th Plan
Nature of assistance
Who can apply? All MSMEs with EM registration.
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Experience has revealed that apart from counseling and training, delivery of credit poses the most serious problem for the poor women. Since such women will not be able to have an easy access to credit, it has also been envisaged that the credit will be made available to applicant woman through NGOs who would be capable of handling funds in an appropriate manner. These NGOs will not only handle the disbursement of such loans needed by women but would also provide them adequate counseling & training for taking up productive activities. The focal point of the scheme is to provide grant assistance to the nodal NGO which has been sanctioned bank loan for passing through the same to eligible women for taking up non-farm activities.

Activities and Salient features
1.1 Credit
There is a provision for Government of India Grant up to 30% of the loan/ credit maximum up to Rs. 30.00 lakh as appraised by lending institution/ banks. The lending institutions/ banks would finance loan assistance for women through NGO for undertaking non-farm activities , who usually have no easy access to credit from banks due to cumbersome procedures and because of their inability to provide adequate security demanded by banks in the form of collaterals. GOI Grant and the loan portion from the lending agencies to assist such women shall be routed through NGOs engaged in assisting poor women through income generating activities. While the loan amount will be passed on to women beneficiaries, the Grant shall be utilized by the NGOs for activities accepted as grant activities in the appraisal report of the lending agency and capacity building of the NGOs. NGO which has been selected for Government Grant will not be considered for GoI grant again in the subsequent two years from the date of release of GoI grant .

1.2 Training & Counseling
Training organizations viz. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – Development Institutes (MSME-DIs), Entrepreneurship Development Institutes (EDIs), NIMSME, NIESBUD and NGOs conducting training programmes for empowerment of women beneficiaries identified under the scheme would be provided a grant upto maximum limit of Rs. 1.00 lakh per programme provided such institutions also bring their share to the extent of minimum 25% of the Government grant and 10% in case of NER, subject to the condition that applications from NER are recommended by NSIC/ IIE , Guwahati.

1.3 Eliciting Information on Related Needs
Institutions such as Entrepreneurship Development Institutes (EDIs), NIMSME, NIESBUD, IIE, MSME-DIs, EDIs sponsored by State Govt. and any other suitable institution of repute will be provided need based Government grant limited up to Rs. 5.00 lakh per project primarily for undertaking activities aiming at empowerment of women such as field surveys, research studies, evaluation studies, designing of training modules, etc. covered under the scheme.


S. No Year GoI Grant Released / Expenditure(Rs. in Lakh) No. of Women Benefited
1 2004-05 to 2011-12 630.09 28023
2 2012-13 138.79 11168
3 2013-14 233.40 5455
4 2014-15 254.20 8265
5 2015-16 200.00 3560
6 2016-17 0 0
Total 1456.48 56471

Last updated date : 28/04/2016

2) Assistance to Training Institutions Scheme


● The revised guidelines (effective from 01.09.2016) provide for financial assistance in the form of grant for:-
i) Infrastructure support and capacity building of training institutions of Ministry of MSME and the existing State Level EDIs;
ii) Research and Studies on MSME related matters;
iii) MSME Chair; and
iv) Training (Skill Development programmes / Training of Trainers) by training institutions of Ministry of MSME.

● No financial assistance will be provided under the revised scheme for setting up of a new EDI. The private training institutions / NGOs are not covered under the scheme for financial assistance.


Nature of assistance

(i) The maximum assistance under the scheme to a State level EDI will be restricted to Rs.250 lakh in each case. This grant would be utilised for development of physical infrastructure, equipment, faculty training and development of capability in undertaking studies and research on issues related to MSME sector.

(ii) Research and Studies : The maximum assistance will be Rs. 15 lakh in each case.

(iii) Training (SDP) : Assistance will be provided to training institutions of Ministry of MSME for conducting Skill Development Programmes.


Who can apply?

Existing State Level EDIs owned and controlled by a State/UT Government; Training institutions of Ministry of MSME.


How to apply?

The eligible applicants may submit proposals with justifications to Deputy Secretary (EDI), Ministry of MSME, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi-110011.


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