Youth DAY article

#YouthDay – The Future of India

  • On many occasions, Our Honorable Prime Minister has profusely praised the potential and power of our youth and has placed great hope in their capabilities to make India lead the world. In his own words, “Youngsters from India are doing wonderful things, both in India and internationally. I dream of Yuva Shakti that is filled with self-belief, has the power to think big, and is hardworking to realise that aspiration.”

  • This year, the theme for International Youth Day 2020 is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”. Its goal is to seek the higher youth engagement at grassroots, national and global levels to enhance their representation and participation. Today, the world is facing numerous challenges, and our youth have the insight and vision to come up with right solutions to make the world of tomorrow a better place.

  • India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economy and is home to a fifth of the world’s youth. Half of the 1.3 billion population of India is below the age of 25. This demographical advantage, unique to India, provides the potential opportunity for investment in human capital development and skill growth. No wonder, India’s future lies in the hands of its qualified and skilled youth.

  • In a research conducted by the World Economic Forum, it was found that young Indians are ambitious and show a remarkable aptitude for great autonomy and aspirations for their career decisions. They acknowledge the changing skill requirement and are eager to pursue higher studies, undertake advanced training and enroll in skill development programmes.

    However, the road to empower Indian youth is not without challenges and roadblocks. Our education system has been traditionally skewed towards academics more than its practical implementation. Therefore, steps in the last few years have been taken to readjust education system according to the times and the changing needs of the industry. A dedicated Ministry of Skill Development& Entrepreneurship is working to promote skill among the youth and getting them suitably employed. Some are driven to start their own ventures and become employers rather than employees. They, thus, become atma-nirbhar (self-reliant), and help the society and the nation.

  • Government’s preeminent goal is to promote youth in order to bring out their best potential. To encourage and motivate the youth of our country, the Ministry of MSME provides a whole gamut of support to them in buildingtheir dream enterprise. The Ministry of MSME regularly organises the entrepreneurship training and promotion programmes to enable the youth to realize their dreams.
  • To transform India into a self-employed entrepreneurs’ economy, Ministry of MSME has instituted some strong pillars, namely – Development Institutes (MSME-DIs), NIMSME, NSIC, KVIC and National SC ST Hub. These departments conduct various programmes for the empowerment of the youth and to facilitate their entrepreneurial aspirations, through different supportive schemes. These include financial, technical and marketing assistances. Schemes like PMEGP (Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme) help the youth become a job provider rather than a job seeker. Under this programme, a youth of 18 can also start flexing his entrepreneurial muscles with the full support of the Ministry.

  • While these initiatives are indicative of the Ministry's commitment towards youth empowerment, the ever-changing nature of job skills needs to be constantly addressed. The collaborative efforts of the Ministry with various other government agenciesalong with the private sector are constantly dedicated to enhance the youth’s potential and secure their future which, in turn, sets a promising horizon for our nation.

  • In conclusion, the role that is played by the youth of our nation is crucial. They are no less innovative and bright than their counterparts across the world. The role of the Government is to facilitate the aspirations of our youth and encourage them to shine and flourish. Then the dream of New India will truly be realised.