Marketing Promotion Schemes

1.1. International Cooperation Scheme

List of approved International Events (Exhibitions, Trade Fairs etc.) under International Cooperation (IC) for the year 2018-19. Click here

Related Scheme International Cooperation
Description The scheme covers the following activities:

a) Deputation of MSME business delegations to other countries to explore new areas of technology fusion / upgradation; facilitation of joint ventures; improvement of markets for MSMEs products and promote foreign collaborations amongst others.

b) Participation by Indian MSMEs in international exhibitions, trade fairs and buyer-seller meets in foreign countries as well as in international trade meets in India.

c) To hold and promote international conferences and seminars on topics and themes of interest to MSMEs.
Nature of assistance IC scheme provides financial assistance for airfare and space rent in exhibitions for entrepreneurs for going in a delegation abroad.
Who can apply? Industry Associations can file applications industry associations with the Ministry of MSME giving details of the delegation, visit, organisation and other details.
How to apply? Applications for financial assistance can be sent in the prescribed form to the Director (International Cooperation), Ministry of MSME, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi - 110 011
Whom to contact Director (IC), M/o MSME
Ph: 23063198, Fax: 23061756
Email : gs[dot]perni[at]nic[dot]in
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1.2. Marketing Assistance Scheme

Related Scheme Marketing Assistance Scheme
Description The marketing assistance scheme provides assistance for the following activities:

a) Organisation of exhibitions abroad and participation in international exhibitions/ trade fairs

b) Co-sponsoring of exhibitions organised by other organisations/industry associations/ agencies;

c) Organising buyer-seller meets, intensive campaigns and marketing promotion activities.
Nature of assistance Financial assistance of up to 95% of the air-fare and space rent is made available to entrepreneurs on the basis of size and type of the enterprise. Financial assistance for co-sponsoring an event would be limited to 40% of the net expenditure, subject to a maximum amount of Rs 5 lakh
Who can apply? MSMEs, Industry Associations and other organisations related to MSME sector are eligible to apply.
How to apply? Applications/proposals seeking assistance under the scheme should be submitted to the Branch Manager of the nearest office of the National Small Industries Corporation, with full details and justification in support of the application.
Whom to contact GM (Business Dev.), NSIC
Ph: 011-26311109
Email : exhb[at]nsic[dot]co[dot]in
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1.3. Marketing Assistance & Technology Upgradation (MATU)

Related Scheme Mark etin g Assistan ce & Techn ology Upgradation (MATU)
Description The scheme assists in providing marketing platform to manufacturing MSMEs through participation in state/district level exhibitions/trade fairs organized by State/District Authorities/Associations.
Nature of assistance Funding for participation of MSMEs in state/district level exhibitions/trade fairs with a funding support maximum Rs 30,000/- per exhibition/ fairs.Funding support (in the form of reimbursement) to MSMEs for adopting corporate governance practices maximum Rs 45,000/- per MSME unit.Funding support (in the form of reimbursement) to MSMEs for acquiring ISO18000/22000/27000 Certification maximum of Rs 1.00 lakh in each case.
Who can apply? All MSMEs
How to apply? The applicant MSME will submit its claim along with required documents to the local MSME-DI office for reimbursement in the prescribed format. The application form is given along with the scheme guidelines at (Download The file ( bytes) pdf Icon)
Whom to contact JDC (MATU),O/o DC, MSME
Ph: 011-23062394
Email : bisariya[dot]sanjay[at]nic[dot]in
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1.4. MSME Market Development Assistance (MDA)

Related Scheme MSME Market Development Assistance (MDA)
Description As part of a comprehensive policy package for MSMEs, MSMEMDA scheme has been announced with a view to increasing the participation of unternat6iona & domestic fair and adoption of bar coding. MDA is offered in three forms as mentioned below:

1) Participation in international exhibitions/ fairs for registered small & micro manufacturing enterprises with DI/DIC;

2) Financial assistance for using Global Standards (GS1) in bar-coding; and,

3) Recognise importance of barcoding and avail financial assistance through Office of the Development Commissioner Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (DC - MSME).
Nature of assistance The scheme offers funding up to 75% in respect of to and fro air fare for participation by MSME entrepreneurs in overseas fairs/trade delegations. The scheme also provides funding for publicity material (up to 25% of costs), sector specific studies (up to ₹2 lakh) and for contesting anti-dumping cases (50% up to ₹1 lakh), specifically targeting individual MSMEs & associations.
Who can apply? Individual MSMEs & industry associations are eligible to apply.
How to apply? MSEs meeting the eligibility criteria may send their applications to O/o DC, MSME through concerned MSME-DI. Web link is :Download The file ( bytes) htm Icon
Whom to contact ADC, O/o DC, MSME
Tel.: 011- 23062396
Email: calsen[at]nic[dot]in
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